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The Cincinnati Broomball Association (CBA) is a non-profit organization created in 1992 to organize, promote and grow the sport of Broomball in the Greater Cincinnati area. We offer leagues for both novice and experienced players. As a result of our strong local following, we routinely send competitive teams to tournaments all across the United States.

The CBA is a regional member of USA Broomball and the International Federation of Broomball Associations.

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The CBA runs leagues for all skill levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Unrestricted. We run two “competitive” season and one fantasy season throughout the year:

  1. Fall “Competitive” (September – December)
  2. Summer Fantasy (June – July)
  3. Winter “Competitive” (January – April)

In addition to our regular seasons, we occasionally host drop-in events and tournaments. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements.

All CBA games are at Sports Plus.

Ice time is more expensive in Cincinnati compared to many northern regions of the country. Also, most people in Greater Cincinnati have never played broomball, so do not have the necessary equipment, so the CBA maintains enough equipment to allow a team of beginners to try the sport without having to make a large investment in equipment. Finally, there are one or two paid referees per game.

These costs make broomball more expensive than many other sports. However, unlike most other sports leagues, the CBA does not seek a profit; our objective is to keep costs at a minimum and grow the sport. CBA leadership participates strictly on a volunteer basis.

That’s okay – we’d love to teach you! Check out our Intro to Broomball section to learn about basic rules and strategy. Want to join a team? Sign up on our free agent list, and a captain in need will reach out!

All players will need a helmet and a broomball stick. We also highly recommend broomball shoes, gloves, and knee pads/shin guards. The CBA has an equipment locker stocked with helmets, sticks, shoes and a smaller selection of gloves and knee pads/shin guards that is available for players to borrow for games.

If you’re looking to buy your own broomball equipment, we recommend checking out or

Sign up on our free agent list, and a captain in need will reach out!

The CBA will occasionally organize events other than leagues, such as intermission broomball at Cylcones Hockey games or race support at the Flying Pig Marathon. These events help raise money to support our leagues as well as help promote and advertise broomball. Check out our events calendar or follow us on Facebook to see what’s going on! Interested in hosting an event with us? Feel free to contact us!

The CBA routinely fields teams for tournaments held all over the United States and sometimes in Canada. We have sent teams to the U.S. Nationals, World Championships, and many other national and regional tournaments. We have also been the traditional host of Broomfest.

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The CBA Executive Board is responsible for managing all league activities. All board members participate on a volunteer basis. Feel free to reach out to us with any comments, suggestions, or questions!

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